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the Biotrail

The Biotrail of the Trajan Way is a pilot project integrating a model of sustainable agriculture with an area with strong environmental and cultural values, it is a model, transferable and repeatable in other similar contexts, even at the transnational level.
This trail unwinds along the ancient Trajan Way in the plain of age-old olive groves, passing through natural protected areas, and sites of historical cultural interest, agricultural companies, farmhouses and sales points for organic goods, all of which manage their own businesses locally, forming part of an invaluable landscape and with enormous appeal for tourists. Along the Trajan way it is possible to visit fortified manor farmhouses, underground olive presses, grottoes and rock settlements, prehistoric dolmen and medieval rural churches, besides ancient olive groves, coastal wetlands, natural protected areas (like Torre Guaceto Reserve and the Park of Coast Dunes that runs from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo).
But the most important thing that we meet on this itinerary is the warm welcome of an agricultural community which is the loving custodian of this agrarian landscape of olive groves, one of the most ancient and fascinating in the Mediterranean.
Cultural and environmental associations, public bodies (including the parks associations), groups which offer cultural and environmental services linked to the knowledge of the area, companies which produce organic goods, educational farmhouses, restaurants offering organic menus, organic shops and agricultural and tourist companies all form part of the Biotrail association.
The project forms a new movement in rural development and hopes to consolidate a network of relationships between public and private organisations which pursue the model of sustainable rural development through organic agriculture in an area of outstanding natural and historical-cultural beauty.

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